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Interview with Célio Azevedo – By Jana Karásková

Ahoj Celio J … Hello Celio

You published a new release “Modern World“ few days ago with a sharp metal sound.

Célio Azevedo, Can You tell us something about it?

A: As I can say, it‘s a new conception of music about the rules of life and I dare to expose it in my lyrics. My inspiration came from my inner self about feelings I own for everything. It’s about living in a universe without any sort of order which sees the life as an accidental case. There is no hope about it, except your own. You have to find your own force, your own voice, alone. No one will save or see you in this blue pale dot falling in the space. If you find it, you fly and conquer it, maybe can create your own universe. I dedicate Modern World for everyone.

About inspiration, about  the process – how long did it take,  which studio, who is producer, about final editing the recording.

A: Some minutes, about 2 or 5 minutes on the lyrics, in the studio. The producer is Romulo Pirozzi, from Brazil. He is really great. The studio took all day, but we were working on ideas before.

As I understood You used the text from one older text / song Abbadia / which looks as a confession to God.

A: It was just a poem about anything. It wasn’t directly to God.

How many Years have passed between writing them?

A: The song is brand new, just made it this year. Abbadia poem had about 1 or 2 years. I think many artists does that. They reuses some old ideas sometimes.

Has your perception of the world changed in the meantime?

A: Yes, I think the Covid pandemic made me see the things more clear.

One composer told me Your song reminds him Nightwish. Was there some inspiration? Which metal bands do You like to listen?

A: I love Nightwish. They have nice and smart lyrics and melody. I also love Helloween and Stratovarius.

Had You used some pre-recorded drum sequence? Or some well known music motives?

A: The drums were made by the producer, Romulo (Nonu) Pirozzi and I didn’t seen this proces, only after.

You sing very high – is it Your real voice or You have changed the sound to be higher?  

A: This voice is totally mine. I have a large range as use some technics head/child voice and drives, as Andi Deris, Andre Matos, Edu Falaschi and Axl Rose.

Are You writing new songs for new album?

A: Yes, I always doing that for the next albums. I think my biggest inspiration is about write.

How many songs have You written /composed till now?

A: About 450-500. Never released more than 10% of them. They‘ re all in cabinets. I’m a complete artist, I do write, act, sing, compose, play, as sometimes I do some painting.

How long does it take to write new text / compose the music? Do You first write text or compose music?

A: Depends, sometimes I compose the lyrics for the music, another times I turn the poem text into music and sometimes, I make the music first, the lyrics after. For texts are easier, sometimes 2 minutes or 5 minutes. For music instruments are longer.

When did You start to write texts and compose music? How many albums did You publish?

A: With singles, EPs, Albums, independent ones, physical and digital ones as tapes, CDs, etc, it’s about 9-10 releases, maybe more, for now. I stopped to count. It’s all on my website, or almost all.

Where can people find Your songs?

A: All over Internet, Apple Music, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, on my site, google and more.
Some of Your songs seem to be personal, others have social or political themes. Had Your political views undergone some „revolutionat change“ or are they rather consistent  during Your life?

A: No, I don’t wanna change the world. I would like to help it to be a better place. People can come with me, if want.

As I can see form Your facebook posts You criticize Brazil often. President, politics, deforestation… Have You some idea how to change this situation? Do You seem some way to improve poor people´s life?

A: There isn’t an easy answer. The best solution is each one follow your own life today, the good ones. Even D. Pedro II wanted a better Brazil, had all power, and couldn’t change the country’s destiny. So, there is no solution. Maybe if they brings the monarchy back, which is impossible now.

You seem to long for the old days of more than 100 years ago during the rule of the emperor Pedro II whom You admire. Do You think Old World was better than today´s Word? With such progress in technologies… which colud be used either for good or for evil purposes.  Are You afraid of misuse of them?

A: Everyone have to admire him, even the left-wing people. Because he always respected everyone in the past. Brazil would be a much better place now if we were still a monarchy. I’m sure about it. I don’t the old is better because is old. I think its better because the people were better. Democracy is not so good when everyone is bad too. Look at Hitler, he was elected. Fidel Castro was always elected too, with 100% of votes.

Time has changed for musicians a lot. Internet allows to get music for free. For many talented / gifted but almost unknown musicians it certainly is not a best situation. On one side they can record music more easily with modern computer technologies but being paid for Your music is not so easy.

A: I don’t blame the Internet. The biggest problem is that most of people doesn’t want to value the good culture now. Internet is just a technology.

Coming to Your newest song Modern World. Final words sound as biblical words spoken by Jesus. Are they His or Yours? J

A: Could be by Jesus or Lucifer, but it’s just my personal view.

In case they would be Yours – Could You see Yourself  like Mankind´s saviour? Whoom do You want to free? To save? Which word do You want to spread? Is it „Good News“ ?

A: I save while I can with my art and with my lighty texts, but first you need to save yourself. There are no good news. Humanity is collapsing because of the Modern World, cos of the „modernist and liberal ideas“ in our lives.

One of Your  song  has the name Spread the Word. Is there any connection – context? Or to some other song?

A: Yes, it has. Maybe I can work this audio drama into a new metal release in the future.

I have one personal question – in the text of Abbadia You wrote: “Before I reach my 40
I’m going to tell you there is no lies.” Why 40? Hope You will not stop to „tell no lies“ when You reach this age… which is not far from now. 

A: Because it’s a good “closed” age to finish and start a new circle of life. Thank You very much  for the interview.

A: You’re welcome, Jana.


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Journalist, artist, philosopher, editor and writer.

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